High Intensity Functional Training!

Personalized Training

I design workouts that involve high intensity with muscular strength training and I design these workouts specifically to fit your needs and goals. This unique combination of High Intensity Functional Training, (HIFT) uses dumbbells, bands and your own body weight. It is very effective and I personally have seen results of my own all over body strength, plus it is fun. Here is why YOU should do it:

  • It is time efficient and results are noticed within a few weeks of training (about 60 minutes once a week)
  • Augmented benefits in fitness parameters such as cardio respiratory fitness, anarobic power, muscular strength all that the same time, which results in fat loss.
  • This is a SAFE program. Statistically less likely to injure compared to power lifting or running.
  • Most important I make it fun. You are more likely to stick with it if you enjoy it!