Meet owner Susie McLagan, A.K.A Sooz

born and raised in Oregon.

I took my first Original Hot Yoga class February 2nd, 2004 and I NEVER looked back, I NEVER stopped!
I love all things outside, running, cross country skiing, just digging in the dirt makes me happy. YET, this Yoga is one of the best things that has ever happened to me, making me a better person on all levels. Two weeks after I started, I said “I want to teach this, I want to share this with any and everyone!” I received my certification from Bikram Yoga Teacher Training in 2009 teaching full time right away and I purchased the Bend Hot Yoga Studio, (Bend, OR) in 2012. Even as an owner I kept up an almost daily yoga practice and taught full time.
Added to my yoga experience, in 2004 I received my certification as a Personal Trainer through ACE.

My belief is constant education; be it anatomy classes or nutrition or yoga philosophy, I love everything about moving and caring for our precious bodies!


“I am not flexible enough to do yoga” is like saying “I’m too dirty to take a bath!” I have had students go through serious illness and injuries, take their class from a wheelchair and go through entire pregnancies.
Studio Sweat Hot Yoga, welcomes everyone.

I cannot wait to meet you, get to know you and guide you on your yoga journey.

In Joy and Service,

Chelsea Judy

Certified Bikram Yoga Instructor-class of 2012

Chelsea is a mother of two, wife and the Marketing Director/Controller of Anthony Lakes Mountain Resort, a career that she loves as well. Original Hot Yoga has been a huge part of her life since 2005 when she took her first Bikram Yoga Class. Completely hooked from the get-go, she moved between Baker and Bend and then Baker and Park City just because she couldn’t live without this practice. So what did Chels do to remedy this conundrum? She quit everything and went to Bikram’s 9 week teacher training in LA, in 2012. Throughout the years she has accumulated many hours of continuing ed with senior teachers, Rajashree Choudhury, Lynn Whitlow, Gianna Purcell, and Kathy Durham, her learning continues and her interest never wanes.

A small studio in Baker has been Chelsea’s dream for a long time, so in 2016, along with her husband Griffin , (Griffin is also a certified OHY teacher through 105F in Chicago) opened a small heated space to serve the community of Baker City. However, life got busy with children and work and that dream was put on the back burner. Now Chelsea is ready to start teaching again and Studio Sweat is ready for her to teach again.

We are so happy that our family can serve you with the fullest of hearts, with compassion and knowledge and we hope to see you again and again for years to come!

Carly Newberg

Carly graduated from Portland State University in 2019 with an Exercise Science and Communications degree. Afterward, she moved to Baker City and started working as a Physical Therapy Aide at Integrative Physical Therapy. 

Originally from Lebanon, Oregon, Carly first came to Baker after her close family migrated this way while she was still in school. The more she visited during holidays and breaks, the more it felt like home. Carly bounced between Portland and Baker for a few years, continuing her work in physical therapy and writing her debut book, Good Enough.

Then, in 2020, she published her book and started leading talks and workshops throughout Oregon focused on mental health and eating disorder awareness. Part of Carly’s story involves a long battle with anorexia, bulimia, and exercise addiction, which inspired parts of her memoir and later, her recovery coaching with adolescents in a residential treatment facility.

In 2021, Carly met her partner, Anthony, and decided to make Baker City her permanent residence before starting work as a substitute teacher and Baker City Downtown’s Marketing Manager. Soon after, she launched her freelance business, Sincerely Carly, and began teaching classes at Studio Sweat.

Carly is in the process of publishing her second book, Still Growing, and writes for an assortment of online publications and magazines. For Carly, instructing classes is a fun break from sitting behind her computer all day; she loves encouraging intuitive movement and leading others toward more body acceptance.

Once a long-distance runner only, Carly fell in love with the power and healing to come from yoga during her eating disorder recovery. She’s been practicing for six years and has become certified with a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training. Both her yoga and full-body HIIT classes are low-impact, full of variety, and meant to make you feel strong and capable. Carly is a stickler about good form, keeps things real, and values the needs and abilities of all students.