Meet Heather!

Heather Furtney, AKA “Furt”
Teacher, Manager
Original Hot Yoga, Inferno Hot Pilates, Hot Hatha Flow, Traditional 84 – Advanced
Witnessing the inquiring minds and “ah-ha” moments of fellow students is what keeps Heather inspired as a teacher. She has experienced first hand the transformative benefits of using a yoga practice to facilitate healing. Heather took her first yoga class in 2008 in an effort to “try anything” to reduce a lifetime of chronic back pain. A few months later the pain was gone – and the healing didn’t stop there. In 2015 Heather underwent a pelvic reconstruction surgery to rebuild her hip socket after debilitating pain developed from hip dysplasia. She went from wheelchair to Standing Bow Pose again through yoga postures in a chair and a deep sense of calm determination that had been fostered from many years of a consistent yoga practice. She is no stranger to a recovery process.
She claims of her beginning years in yoga, “my practice shifted from a very physically-oriented class to an overall sense of well-being – I slept better, ate better, built self-confidence, and came out of my shell.” Heather certified to teach Original Hot Yoga in 2012 and has been eager to continue learning ever since. This led her to attend Inferno Hot Pilates Teacher Training in 2017. She can’t get enough! It is a constant growth of knowledge and experience through time on her mat, teacher development trainings, Experiential Anatomy Movement Literacy for Yoga Teachers Certification, seeking mentors, asking questions, and keeping her nose to the books!
Heather loves to spend time connecting outside – deep in the mountains rock climbing, hiking, mountain biking, and snowboarding. She becomes even more grounded and aware in her yoga practice through a connection to nature. She also uses yoga as an incredible active recovery method from big efforts in the mountains.
Heather is approachable to all levels of students. Although very serious about the yoga, she will bring a youthful life and exuberance to the class…and maybe even a joke or two. She says, “I am constantly humbled by this gift of yoga and love how fantastically individual a yoga practice is – but at the same time uniting us all as one.”